Business Mistakes | Why Most Businesses Fail and How You Can Succeed

  1. Never accept another entity’s standard contract — review and make edits!
  2. Hire a professional attorney with experience in your industry specifically.
  3. If you can’t afford to hire an attorney for every contract, hire one to create standard contracts for your primary operations and update them as needed.
  4. Update your standard contracts as your business grows over time.
  5. Have multiple people read over any contracts you receive before signing them.
  6. Use an electronic docu-sign software to sign and keep track of your contracts.
  7. Don’t start doing work without a written contract that explains the terms!
  8. If the terms are not right for your business… say no! (and avoid being too eager for work to say no to anyone).



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Commerce & Chill

Commerce and Chill is where married business owners Jessica Johnson-Cope & Waleed Cope share their experiences on the journey through business and life.